What if I’m late with my payment?
The consequences for being late with your payment are different for each kind of tax. No building permits or business licenses will be issued by the town of Oak Bluffs if taxes are delinquent.

Real Estate and Personal Property taxes accrue interest at a rate of 14 percent. If your Real Estate tax payment is later than 12 months, the bill will be liened and go into tax title status, which will involve a newspaper advertisement for non-payment of taxes. A notice is sent out beforehand, allowing a window of time to pay the taxes in order to prevent your bill from being advertised. Once the bill is liened, it accrues interest at a rate of 16 percent. In addition to the increased interest rate, additional fees will be charged. If your bill has been liened, contact the Assistant Treasurer at 508-693-3554, ext. 102 for a payoff balance.

Motor Vehicle Excise taxes accrue interest at a rate of 12 percent. If you pay your bill 2 weeks or later past the due date (30 days from date of issue), a $5 Demand fee is added to the bill. If the Demand is not paid within 2 weeks, the bill goes into Warrant status, another notice is sent out, and more fees are added to it. If it is not paid within approximately 1 month, the bill goes into Final Warrant status, more penalties and fees are added, and another notice is sent. If the bill continues to go unpaid, it becomes flagged at the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Once the bill becomes flagged, renewal of the license or registration is not possible until all outstanding excise taxes have been paid including bills that are not flagged or in warrant status). Flagged bills must be paid by money order or certified cashier’s check only.

Boat Excise tax bills accrue interest at a rate of 12 percent and will incur a demand fee and waterway fee if left unpaid.

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