Stone Revetment


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Please see below link  for a collection of frequently asked questions, with answers, that we have received throughout the design, public outreach, and planning process to date. We will be updating this list on a regular basis as the design process progresses and as additional questions are received. Should your question not be answered below, please submit your question via the “Email” link on the project webpage. 

FAQs Updated 9/11/2023


Phase 1 of the East Chop Drive Coastal Restoration final design and reconstruction process is now underway. With the support of Town Meeting and substantial Federal and State grant funding, the Town has contracted with the engineering firm Tighe & Bond for the final phase of design and construction oversight of 1,200 linear feet of coastal bank restoration between Brewster and Harrison Avenues. The goal of the project is to provide a long-term stable embankment that is protected from erosion, and reconstruction of a revetment that provides long-term protection of the bluff from severe storm events and sea level rise.


East Chop Drive has historically been a scenic thoroughfare for the Town of Oak Bluffs, dating back many years. Throughout this history, the shoreline of East Chop Drive has been subject to pounding surf and significant erosion damage with shoreline protection efforts dating back to the 1890’s. The current shoreline protection structures, which are in disrepair, were built between the 1890’s and the 1930’s and have been maintained and repaired many times due to damage from storms. Most recently in 2012 when Hurricane Sandy hit, the Bluff suffered significant damage and the outshore lane of East Chop Drive was closed to vehicular traffic. In 2018, further damage occurred due to nor’easter storms and the entire roadway was closed to vehicular access. 

The current efforts to repair erosion along this coastal stretch began in 2008 when a preliminary study was performed to look into the feasibility of repairing the shoreline. In 2013 the permitting process began and was completed in 2018. The Town commenced efforts to obtain funding for design and construction in 2019. The Town was awarded a total of $13M of grant funding in 2022 from both Federal agencies for Phase 1 of the project as described above. In 2023, the Town contracted with Tighe & Bond for design and construction administration services for Phase 1. 

Phase 1 consists of the area between Brewster and Harrison Avenues. Phase 2, if funded, is between Harrison and Monroe Avenues. This work includes construction of a new armored shoreline using rocks, sand, and plantings to provide protection, a pedestrian pathway within the vicinity of Brewster Avenue to provide access to the water, and a paved shoulder on the eastern side of East Chop Drive. A guardrail will run the length of Phase 1 to ensure motorist safety when the road is reopened to traffic.

 All questions on this project can be directed to the Project Manager.