Circuit Avenue Sidewalk Information Page

Circuit Ave Improvements

Welcome to the Circuit Ave Improvements Information Page! As information becomes available about this fast moving and dynamic project, we will post it here. This is a tentative overview of the project timeline, which is subject to change, and the more detailed Contractor schedules will be posted on a regular basis as they become available. The Circuit Ave Phasing Plan link shows the work areas.

Phase 1 work Apx Jan 3 to Jan 21

Phase 2 work Apx Jan 24 to Feb11

Phase 3 work Apx Feb 11 to Mar 4

Phase 4 work Apx Mar 7 to Mar 31

Finishing Apx Apr 1 to May 23

If you have any questions about the project, please forward them the Debra Alley, at, so they can be aggregated, answered, and posted (to the best of our ability) for everyone to read.