T. Ewell Hopkins, Chair, Planning Board appointee
Barbara Alleyne, Select Board appointee
Maura McGroarty, 
Finance Committee appointee
William Vrooman, Moderator appointee
Deborah Potter, Town Administrator, ex officio

Bylaws and Financial Policies


The Capital Program Committee exists to prepare an annual Capital Improvement Plan for Oak Bluffs and to consult with the Town's financial groups regarding Capital Improvement Fund Policy and Debt Policy.

Capital Projects

The Capital Improvement Plan includes capital projects from all areas of Town life - Town departments, Wastewater, and Oak Bluffs School. In areas where capital spending is governed by boards other than the Board of Selectmen, the projects are listed for informational purposes so that town voters can understand Oak Bluffs' full capital spending plan.

Capital Spending

The Plan itemizes capital spending for the next 5 fiscal years and includes supporting data such as start-up and ongoing maintenance cost estimates, method of financing, and recommended time schedules. It is prepared in collaboration with all town departments and boards that sponsor capital projects. A public hearing about the proposed capital plan is conducted before a final plan is adopted each year.

Committee Membership

The 6 members of the Capital Program Committee are appointed by the Board of Selectmen (3), the Finance and Advisory Committee (1), the Planning Board (1), and the Moderator (1). The Town Administrator is a non-voting ex officio member of the committee.

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Capital Improvement Program Fiscal Years 2013 through 2018

FY21 CAPITAL RECOMMENDATIONS (see slide show below)