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Streetscape Subcommittee

Brian Packish, Chair
Erik Albert
Gail Barmakian
Amy Billings
Dick Cohen
JoJo Lambert
Craig Lowe
Duncan Ross
Simon Shapiro
Chuck Sullivan
Christine Todd

SEPTEMBER 15, 2020 — PUBLIC FORUM  Nearly 70 people participated in a remote presentation from the Waterfield Design Group followed by a lively Q&A. Watch the zoom recording below. In addition, you can read correspondence and feedback as we receive it throughout Phase 3 of our Streetscape process.

JUNE 16, 2020 — TOWN MEETING. $2,774,000 was given to finish the work of Streetscape. It will be used to pay costs of replacing sidewalks and public infrastructure in the Circuit Avenue, Healey Square, Kennebec Avenue business district and Lake Avenue parking in conjunction with the Town’s Streetscape Master Planning Process, including final design and specifications and for the payment of all other costs incidental and related.

Streetscape Drawings | March 23, 2021

Watch the September 15 2020 Zoom (click below)

Zoom still from 9 15 20

Feedback at the Public Forum (click)

Streetscape Presentation | 8-28-20

Streetscape Presentation 6-2-20

Correspondence and Feedback

Letters of Concern

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History, Phase 1 and Phase 2

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