Oak Bluffs Fire & EMS



The purpose and mission of the Fire and Emergency Medical Service Department is to provide 24/7 emergency services to the citizens of Oak Bluffs, and to our larger island community through mutual aid. 

We provide emergency services designed to protect the lives and property of our community from the adverse effects of fire,  medical emergencies or exposure to dangerous conditions. 

We strive to meet our challenges with compassion, professionalism and integrity and are dedicated to safeguarding our community through the preservation of life, property and the environment.

  1. Programs & Services
  2. Forms & Permits
  3. Accomplishments
  4. Budget

Administration & Management

  • Fire & EMS Training
  • Record Management & Incident Reporting
  • Vehicle, Equipment and facilities maintenance
  • Public Information – social media
  • Financial oversight – budgeting, capital planning and grant administration

Fire Prevention & Education

  • Permits, inspections & code enforcement
  • Site plan, building plan & fire system review
  • Life safety inspections and fire drills
  • Critical Incident plans
  • Fire Prevention and Education Programs
  • Fire Investigation
  • First Aid, CPR and defibrillator training

Emergency Management Agency

  • Emergency Operations Center
  • Comprehensive Emergency Management Planning
  • Local Emergency Planning
  • Certified Emergency Response Team
  • Shelter administration and management

Fire Suppression & Rescue Services

  • National Incident Management System
  • Structural firefighting
  • Transportation/vehicle firefighting
  • Brush and woodland firefighting
  • Rapid Intervention Team
  • Hazardous Materials Response
  • Ice & Water Rescue
  • Technical Rescue
  • Vehicle extrication
  • All-hazard disaster response
  • Basic and Advanced Life Support
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Medical Transportation