Treasurer/Collectors Office

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*For paid taxes below search your payments by pressing Control F to find your payments under name 

If you pay with Unibank, you will have access to your online Unibank payments under your account.  If your taxes paid are included in your mortgage escrow, your bank will send you an annual statement of taxes paid

Tax Collectors Documents

Tax Collectors Information

Mailing Addresses

Motor vehicle excise tax bills past due more than 1 year Contact the Deputy Collector at 508-747-4344 to pay your past due excise taxes Changes to mailing addresses for Motor Vehicle Excise bills are done with the Registry of Motor Vehicles   online at

Boat Excise registration or cancellations can be done online as well.

Update your mailing address for real estate and personal property with the Town Assessor's quick link

***If you have e billing and change your physical mailing address, please update though the paperless billing link above

Tax bills will show the current owners as of January 1.  New owners are updated throughout the year based on deed receipt by the Assessor

Personal PROPERTY TAX bills are paid for the full assessed year by the owner as of assessment date January 1st of the same tax year. If the property is sold within the assessed year, all four quarters are paid for the year assessed.

If you are a resident of Oak Bluffs, you are exempt from personal property taxes.

The Treasurer/Collectors Office is responsible for the efficient and timely billing and collection tax bills due including  the following:

  • Real Estate Tax
  • Excise Motor Vehicle Tax
  • Personal Property Tax
  • Boat Excise
  • Wastewater Utility
  • Municipal Lien Certificate ($25.00)
  • second copy lien redemption certificate $25.00

The Treasurer/Collector’s Office is responsible for cash receipts and investing municipal income with safety, liquidity and yield.  The Treasurer oversees all Tax Liens and foreclosures, The administration of Town Meeting authorized debt, and the timely payment of accounts payable and payroll for town employees.