Trash and Rubbish Collection

Rubbish Stickers

Rubbish stickers are required for household refuse to be collected curbside and/or taken to Local Drop-Off (LDO). Rubbish stickers cost $5 each and are good for 1 (one) 30-33 gallon barrel. (Note: Some local markets may charge a $0.25 service fee). 

We DO NOT pick up barrels larger than 33 gallons or anything that weighs OVER 75 lbs.

Rubbish stickers may be purchased at:

  • Local Drop Off ("the Dump") - 16 Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Our Market - 1 East Chop Drive
  • Tony’s Market - 119 Dukes County Avenue

Curbside Collection

Household refuse left for curbside collection must be in plastic bags inside a barrel and a rubbish sticker must be placed on the top bag inside the barrel. Set barrel(s) at curbside no earlier than morning of collection. Barrel(s) must be out by 7 a.m. on the day of curbside collection to ensure pick up for that day.

If the rubbish is not collected by 1:00 PM on your scheduled day of pick up, please call the Highway office at 508-693-0072 extension 501. If you call after 1:00 PM, the rubbish will be collected the next day.

Please remember to include the address of the missed rubbish collection if you have to leave a message.

The rubbish trucks do not pick up recycling materials, metal, appliances, construction debris, Christmas trees or any rubbish not in a bag and inside a barrel.

If there is NO sticker on the top bag of rubbish, the rubbish will NOT be collected.

Local Drop-Off

A $25 vehicle permit is required for access to the LDO and is for residents of the Town of Oak Bluffs only. Residents over 60 years of age must pay $10. LDO permit applications are available at LDO office only. Be prepared to show proof of residency (i.e. driver’s license, tax bill, etc).

All trash must be bagged and tied with a proper rubbish sticker attached to bag. All packing materials (Styrofoam, etc) must be in a bag with a rubbish sticker.

Recyclables (co-mingled glass and plastic, newspapers and cardboard) may be brought free of charge to LDO once a vehicle permit has been obtained.


Brush & Yard Waste

  • Brush and leaves are accepted only from residents of the Town of Oak Bluffs in non-commercial vehicles with a LDO permit.
  • Brush disposal is $25 per vehicle or $5 per 30-gallon barrel
  • Leaves and grass are free of charge and must be removed from bags or containers
  • No large dump trucks are allowed to dump brush, leaves or grass
  • Brush must be SMALLER than 4 inches in diameter and SHORTER than 8 feet in length
  • NO stumps.

Holiday Schedule

All curbside rubbish collection is delayed (one) 1 day after all federal and state public holidays.  Any questions, please call 508-693-0072 x501.

The LDO is closed on Independence Day (July 4th), Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and under severe weather conditions.