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Posted on: July 13, 2017

Friends and neighbors of Sunset Lake Meeting


Abutters of Sunset Lake and Lakeside Park, & Friends & Neighbors of Sunset Lake FANS ((Friends and Neighbors of Sunset Lake) would like to invite you to a meeting we are hosting to review & discuss FANS progress thus far and also to discuss the next phase of our project for Sunset Lake & Lakeside Park. The meeting will include the conceptual drawings of our plan for Sunset Lake and Lakeside Park @ the 30% completion stage. Many different groups in Oak Bluffs have had input in our progress thus far. The contributing groups are FANS, Oak Bluffs Parks, Oak Bluffs Conservation, Oak Bluffs Selectman, Oak Bluffs Wastewater, Oak Bluffs Highway departments, Friends of Oak Bluffs, and MVCMA.

This meeting will be your chance to see the ideas FANS has and the recommendations made by The Horsley Whitten Ecological Group. HW was hired by FANS to help us with our ideas & to get us to the next step which is construction plans. HW will be on hand discussing the plan & drawings in detail. Some of our plans include the introduction of a storm water retrofit garden to aid in the dispersal of water buildup at the corner of Greenleaf and Dukes County Roads.  The plan also includes a walking pathway around the lake. Another area to be worked on is to clean up vegetation around the lake including removal of invasive species & planting plants that will provide for slope stability around the lake. Please join us at the Oak Bluffs Library in the downstairs conference room on July 26th at 1:00pm   We appreciate your input at that time We hope to see you there FANS would like to take this opportunity to THANK  the Oak Bluffs Community Preservation Committee and the Citizens of Oak Bluffs for saying yes to providing FANS with Community Preservation Act grant $ to help fund FANS projects Donna Hayes, President      Jaye Shelby, Vice PresidentRena Lyons, Secretary
 like to THANK the Oak Bluffs Community Preservation Committee & the citizens of Oak Bluffs

Donna Hayes, President, F.A.N.S.
Friends & Neighbors of Sunset Lake

Donna Hayes <>

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